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Dave Moulton is a musician, audio engineer and educator who has been doing  this stuff for a long time now. He holds degrees from Bard College and The  Juilliard School of Music. He has taught at the State University of New York at  Fredonia, Berklee College of Music (where he served as department chair) and the  University of Massachusetts at Lowell. He is now teaching privately and at the  School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. For ten years, he owned and  operated his own commercial recording studio.

Dave has also been active as an acoustician. In 1981, he became interested in  loudspeaker dispersion problems and has been involved since then in the development of wide-dispersion acoustic lenses. He’s now working with Sausalito Audio Works (they made him Vice President!) on the  development of such a lens for applications in audio systems, automobiles and commercial sound. He has also been active in recent years as a studio designer and has formulated a simple low-cost playback room topology called "The Moulton  Room." He has also worked as a consultant to the oil industry and others in regard to noise pollution and noise abatement in rural areas.

Dave wrote and produced Golden Ears in 1993, based on both traditional music school ear-training techniques and new materials he has developed over his teaching career & the first Golden Ears drill was actually administered in 1969! Dave has just completed Total Recording (also by KIQ Productions), a general text for college-level audio students. In addition, he writes regularly  for Recording Magazine and TV Technology, and has more than a hundred articles published. Working with his son, Dr. Mark Moulton, a psychometrician, Dave operates Moulton Laboratories and measures stuff like the subjective effects of  microphones, loudspeakers, Codecs, cables and other audio devices.

Dave also maintains a 32-track digital postproduction studio, Digital Media  Services. In 1999 he was nominated for a Grammy for his engineering work on  George Crumb’s "Ancient Voices of Children." Right now, Dave is specializing in multichannel surround recording production and is working on a long-term surround music composition project.

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