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'Total Recording' is the complete and comprehensive guide to audio production and engineering musical recordings in all genres. Written by  Grammy-nominated recording engineer/composer/author/industry consultant/researcher/guru Dave Moulton, it's the product of over three decades  worth of professional experience. Along with its companion CD of audio examples, this thoroughly current package is chock-full of in -depth information for professionals and students alike about the entire recording process, including:

includes a CD of audio samples

  • Studio and control room design for project studios to commercial facilities
  • Microphone selection and set-up
  • Recording  techniques
  • Equipment and how  to use it effectively: mics, amps, compressors, gates, equalizers, signal processors, speakers, etc. -both hardware and software
  • Audio software
  • Surround sound
  • Using MIDI musically
  • Mixing boards
  • Studio acoustics and psychoacoustics
  • Practical  electronics for engineers and musicians
  • Mixing techniques
  • Studio procedures
  • A new approach to  acoustics
  • Analog and digital audio

And many more  unique and extremely interesting perspectives, including sections on hearing  damage, the microphone as an ear, stereo and surround sound, psychoacoustics, and a wide variety of recording production techniques. An excellent and thorough resource that you will find yourself turning to repeatedly, 'Total Recording' is  a must-have reference for every serious recording musician, engineer, and  producer.

500 pages $89.95 + shipping and handling


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